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Seed Retailers


Pat Feldpausch Farms is a certified Pioneer Sales Agency with several independent representatives.

Overview of Pioneer Products
  • Corn​

    • Qrome

    • AcreMax

    • AcreMax XTreme

    • BMR

    • Conventional

  • Soybeans​

    • Roundup Ready XTEND

    • Enlist

    • Liberty Link

    • Non-GMO

  • Alfalfa

    • Conventional

    • Roundup Ready

    • HarvXtra

  • Wheat

    • Red​

    • White

  • Lumigen Seed Treatments
    • ​Corn
      • Premium Package offers robust protection from disease, insects and nematodes​​​

      • Corn Rootworm Package replaces the premium IST/NST offering with Poncho® 1250+ Votivo® insecticide/nematicide

    • Soybeans​​​​

      • Premium Package offers unmatched disease protection and healthy root growth promotion

      • Can add optional insect protection with Gaucho® insecticide

      • Can provide additional protection from SCN and SDS with ILEVO® Fungicide/Nematicide and Inoculant 120+ Extender

For more than 90 years, Pioneer has developed and tested products to meet local challenges. Our leading products are protected by traits and technologies to maximize the genetic and yield potential of your Pioneer® brand seed.

la crosse.PNG

​La Crosse Seed has paired an unmatched portfolio of high quality forage, cover crop and turf seed with knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff since 1919. They distribute premium seed and related products through dealers across the Midwest and beyond. La Crosse Seed has become a trusted industry leader by offering the best available products, service and support to create a complete, one stop solution for ag and turf retailers nationwide. In addition to unmatched support and logistics, we partner with top breeders to continually deliver new and innovative seed solutions to maximize quality and profit potential.


​Pat Feldpausch Farms sells La Crosse for their grasses and other forage mixes.

Center Seeds is solely focused on providing its customers and dealers with  the best available seed and knowledge base of how to properly cover crop. They are constantly discussing and implementing cover crop selections, seeding and terminating techniques. They are focused on training and educating retail locations on a regular basis to allow their customers to succeed in planting cover crops.

Pat Feldpaush Farms sells Center Seeds for all your cover crop needs.
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