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Feldpausch Precision Services (FPS) is a Premier Dealer for Precision Planting — focusing on new ideas in technology that contribute to better seed spacing, depth control and root systems. Provides customers with knowledge of precision farming and sales of advancing technological agriculture equipment.

Higher populations mean that the placement of every plant – every seed – is critical. Corn plants closer than 4″ sense high population and react to the high stress environment. But with a little effort, today’s planters can achieve spacing accuracy of 97% or more. Ask Pat for more information on how Feldpausch  Precision Services and our planting services can help you.

Additional products and services offered by FPS

  • Custom hydraulic Parker Hoses and Fittings​

  • Used John Deere planter parts

  • Dealer for Martin-Til, Sunco and Yetter Co.



  • Broadcasting nitrogen on the soil surface doesn't put it where the plant will use it

  • Many planter attachments for nitrogen interfere with other aspects of the planter

  • Conceal places nitrogen in a band in the correct relationship to the seed 



  • SmartFirmer measures temperature, moisture, and residue in the seed furrow, and displays the measurements on 20|20

  • SmartFirmer can control your seeding rate, fertilizer rate, and hybrid based on organic matter

  • Give you environmental conditions for every seed you plant



  • Liquid control systems are typically a collection of various parts and pieces 

  • With today's liquid systems there is tremendous rate variability

  • vApplyHD provides flow measurement and rate control in one device, making a simple, accurate liquid system


​2020 Monitor

  • Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of the field and equipment

  • 20|20 provides a foot by foot agronomic view of your field

  • 20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment



  • CleanSweep allows you to adjust row cleaners from the cab. This helps prevent:

    • Late emergence from heat and moisture loss

    • Seedling diseases

    • Nutrients tied up by residue

  • Row cleaners are time consuming to adjust but CleanSweep makes row cleaner adjustments easy



  • It is challenging to know which downforce setting is correct

  • Incorrect downforce causes yield loss by creating late emerged plants or restricted root growth

  • DeltaForce gets downforce right with automatic adjustments on every row


Featured Precision Planting Products

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