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  • Till, Seed, and Plant:

    • Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Alfalfa, Oats and other small grains

  • Custom Application:

    • Many spray programs for all crops and times of the year, NH3​, spreading Lime, MAP, Potash.  

  • Harvest, Combine:

    • Chop stalks, regular and high moisture

  • Trucking & Grain Handling/Drying

  • Soybean Seed Treatment

  • Data Managment, Yield mapping

  • Crop Insurance

  • Soil testing and Veriable Rate recommendations

  • Tissue sampling

Additional customer service and support includes:

  • Plan, plant, and observe research plots throughout the growing season to find hybrids that are best suited for growers in the area

  • The best prescription mapping in the industry

  • Diagnostic services on growing crops for customers

  • Seed treatment options for numerous products based on customers’ needs

  • Expertise for dairy farmer customers focusing on animal feed production and management.


Pioneer sells unique, high-yielding corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa seed in more than 90 countries. With the knowledge of thousands of local Pioneer sales professionals, we can help you place the right product on the right acre to maximize your yields.

The Feldpausch Agency, is comprised of several Independent Sales Representatives. This highly knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping farmers with seed and fertility decisions, to ensure every acre on their farm reaches its maximum productivity.

The team includes

  • Pat Feldpausch

  • Rebecca Alderink

  • Dannie Dryer

  • Madeline Yaek

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